Daily Archives: May 2, 2006

Photo Album Update

I’ve been behind on collating Liam’s online month-by-month photo albums, and these aren’t actually wholly complete; they only collect the various pictures that have already been posted in this journal. But still, for those of you who want them all in one place, we now have months seven, eight, and nine put together:

Photo Album: Liam – Seven Months Old

Photo Album: Liam – Eight Months Old

Photo Album: Liam – Nine Months Old

New pictures will be added to them as I find them and the time to get it done.

I’ve accomplished a lot of web-based work today, actually. I finally got the sidebar to work properly as well as reorganising a whole bunch of files on my server, setting up killer spam filters, and assembling these albums. Plus I practiced cello for an hour (and rewrote that damn IBFKATCS to simplify it one more time).

It Begins

Liam just turned the TV on without using the remote, which means he’s discovered the button on the unit itself. Apparently putting the remote on a high shelf isn’t going to keep us safe any longer.

It’s a gardening show, for those who are curious. He is his father’s son.