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Liam: Nine Months Old

Here is Liam, in his new hat, his new coat, his new shoes, and sitting in his brand-new car seat!

So much character in such a little guy!

Liam's pulling himself up on everything. He wants to be standing all the time.

We bought two wicker baskets to hold Liam's toys in the living room, and he learned how to tip them over and use them to stand up. Then he pushes them around, using them as support while he walks.

Maggie lets Liam hold blocks up in her face, pull her, kiss her, pat her, and bury his face in her. The one thing she won't let him do (apart from bite the tip of her tail!) is touch her feet. When he reaches for them, she pulls them firmly out of his reach and looks at him sternly.

Liam eats anything and everything. Whatever he sees us eating, he wants to taste it, then eat lots of it!

Liam loves his Mama's cello. When I set it up one night and played it in front of him for the first time, oh, he wanted it badly (as in a lunging off Da's lap with his arms outstretched towards the instrument kind of badly). After playing it for him I laid it on the floor on its side then sat him down next to it, and he knew exactly what to do: he lifted his hands and let them drop over the strings, strumming them with both hands. Then he held them down with his right hand and strummed with his left. Sharp kid.

Liam is enthusiastic about his art, especially when it's a birthday card for his Auntie Pasley or his Great-Gran.

Liam was given a balloon by a cashier at the grocery store one morning. I've heard him giggle, but I've never heard him giggle for seven minutes straight like that while he pulled on the string and watched the balloon bounce in the air.

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