Monthly Archives: March 2003


I love making to-do lists just for the fun of crossing things off:

correct student exams
correct homework assignments
make dinner
write reference letter to university for student
complete a freelance project
write 2,000 words

Yes, indeed. Satisfying goal-attainment at its best. What I’ve done today more than makes up for my naps and reading mystery novels all week.


I went out to pick up cat food yesterday and came home with fresh challah.

Mmm. Challah. Lightly toasted with lashings of butter, melting all over the fingers.


Oh, I picked up cat food too, because my feline companions don�t appear to appreciate challah the way I do. Butter, yes; challah, no. Philistines.

On The Fickleness Of Technology

You know, yesterday started off as such a fantastic day, and in the last couple of hours it went spiralling down in flames. This was made even more irritating by the fact that we were supposed to be celebrating Tal’s birthday, and I so desperately wanted to enjoy myself, but events conspired against me. I should have just stayed home.

A lot of the Bad Day-ness revolves around my wretched little smear of a printer and its thirty-dollar ink cartridges which require replacement much, much too often for the amount of printing that I do. It wouldn’t be so bad if the printer didn’t consume vast quantities of ink for no reason, particularly coloured ink, which I don’t use often at all. The printer requires both a functional black and colour cartridge in order to print in black only, for some lame reason, and yesterday not only did my colour cartridge run out, the printer decided to not recognise the new cartridges I put into it.

I will own a new printer by the weekend. The nice man in the independent print shop around the corner told me that many people had problems with this particular model and showed me a Canon printer priced at just under a hundred dollars, which prints faster than the one I’ve currently got and whose cartridges cost only six dollars. Since I have paid the original price of this printer several times over in ink cartridges alone over the past year I’ve owned it, I have no problem buying the new printer. One hundred dollars is equal to buying three cartridges for my current printer, after all..

So, please consider this a public apology to everyone whom I didn’t speak with last night at the pub. The demise of my printer fouled up three seperate projects all scheduled to be completed just before I left last night. That, plus half an hour looking for a parking space (which always puts me in a foul mood) made me Hel to be with. After such a terrific day, it was a real disappointment.

The good news, though, is that I won ten dollars on a lottery ticket. I feel smug, somehow.

Watching Movies

On t!’s recommendation, we watched Minority Report last night instead of tuning into the Oscars. It’s an excellent film – it made me jump in two places. Not that jumping is a standard by which I judge films; the exact opposite, actually. It’s just that this was well-paced, well-written, and well-acted, with a couple of nifty twists.

Unfortunately, even with a running time of two hours and twenty minutes, all of Minority Report could not safely obscure the Academy Awards completely. When we switched off the DVD, there they were, awarding the interesting stuff: soundtracks, best films, and so forth. I did have to check the website this morning though to discover that Spirited Away won Best Animated Feature. I’m thrilled. Actually, I was impressed with the general level of justice done at this year’s Oscars, except for one award: as much as I adored Chicago, it didn’t deserve Best Picture.

In general, I had a wonderful weekend, visiting with friends and cooking and achieving an overall state of relaxation. I seem to have finally hit a plateau after nine months of freelancing at home where I can actually relax and not feel guilty about it. Feeling a constant sense of anger due to the guilt inherently attached to inactivity when you walk away from the computer to sit down and read a book is a lousy way to live, let me tell you. It’s taken me this long to adjust to working in a non-traditional environment. It’s a small victory, but an important one.


We have cable! Woo!

At 9.30 AM Saturday morning, the contractor showed up to flick the switch and give us wiring. I got to see a whole three minutes of ReBoot before I had to leave for an interview and class.

And, after all that angst, the universe had a grand old snicker at our expense by not showing Buffy on YTV Saturday night. The Powers That Be giveth, and The Powers That Be taketh away… (I hear last week’s Angel was pre-empted by the war, though, so that’s one less new episode I’ve missed.)

24, Season One

We finished watching 24 last night. I’m glad they went with the ending they did, because the alternate one was just awful. Overall, I’m impressed, and my only complaint lies with the weak wife/daughter storyline after episode twelve. It’s almost as if they said, “Hey, we have the full season go-ahead! Great! Jack can do all this cool stuff in the next ten episodes!” Then after a while they said, “Oh, wait… what are we going to do with the women?” and came up with some lame action that rendered them remarkably unsympathetic.

I have been promised cable today! It’s a bit of a pain that Videotron can’t be more specific about the installation, other than saying they’ll be here sometime between 7.30 AM and 8.00 PM, though.