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Liam: Eight Months Old

Liam developed a unique method of crawling, an odd butterfly stroke sort of motion where both arms would flail forward, then pull him forward as both legs flutter-kicked. Sometimes when he got up on his hands and knees he would bring his toes together and push off with a tiny hop like a little frog, which moved him forward an inch or so.

We had to retire the swing; he just got too big for it. But he's almost big enough for the pirate hat Ceri and Scott brought back for him from Disneyworld!

He loves to chew. He's like a puppy. Shoes are big on his list of favorite things to gnaw, and if they have a foot in them, so much the better.

Bathtime is still lots of fun. We moved the little baby tub into the big tub as a transitional thing, because as you can see he's outgrowing the baby tub. Check out those splashes!

Exactly eight months old!

Liam's very first piece of art, done under his Auntie Pasley's supervision.

Books are still very cool... thank goodness.

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