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I seem to be writing a lot of posts with exclamation marks in the title field. It must have something to do with the sun outside. Spring sun is so cheerful.

This exclamation mark is sourced from the leaping joy I am expressing at finally completing the third and last set of interview questions from The Wiccan-Pagan Times. What with Liam gaining mobility a couple of weeks ago and life being busy in general, finding time to work on a question here and there has been a real challenge. Getting myself into the proper mindset has also been hard, when time is finally found. But now ’tis done, and I am terribly proud of myself. (Despite the rather guilty feelings I hold over having taken a month to finish them up, that is.)

When the interview runs, I’ll let you know.


It would seem that comments aren’t happening. If you’re posting stuff, I’m not getting notified in order to moderate it, and WP isn’t getting it either because when I log in there’s nothing waiting for me. I’m working on it.

UPDATE: Problem solved. With the help of the lovely and talented Ceri, I determined that every comment was being judged as junk and deleted without so much as a by-your-leave. That will teach me to pay closer attention to the radio buttons I click in a new interface.

If you’ve tried to leave a comment over the past day and it mysteriously never appeared, please go back and repost it so that I know that you all love me. (I thought the silence was odd, I truly did…)

Concert Reminder

(Yes, I’m spamming my journal this morning, because I can, all right?)

This Sunday night (that’s April 2, 2006) at 19h30, the Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra will be presenting an all-Mozart spring concert the Valois United Church. On the programme are:

Cosi fan Tutte overture, K 588
Adagio from the Clarient Concerto, K 622
Three German Dances, K 605
Romanze for soloist and orchestra (from the horn concerto, transcribed for cello), K 447
Three Marches, K 408
Symphony no. 35 in D Major, K 385

Admission is $10 per person; if you’re under 18 you get in free. The concerts usually last a couple of hours, a bit longer if there’s an intermission.

Valois United Church is on the corner of King and Belmont in Valois, Pointe-Claire. Here’s a map if you’re driving, and directions for metro and bus if you’re public tranport-ing.

This is a wonderful way to spend a spring evening. While there’s public transport directions here for you, I usually encourage people who are carless to find someone who has a car and share the cost of the driver’s ticket among them. It’s more fun to enjoy the evening in the company of others. (Here’s a map for you driver-types.)

See you there!

Nap News…

Liam has slept for seventy minutes so far for this morning’s nap. I am very pleased. It has, however, made him late for his Friday with his grandma.

I don’t know how much longer he’ll sleep, though, with all the banging from the people upstairs who are moving a second batch of heavy furniture out with no respect for the walls in the stairway. Good thing the stairwell is being scrubbed and painted after they’re gone. Which ought to be Sunday, by the way, and we are pleased about this because it means we can leave the car in the driveway all day.

Death And

We got our taxes back from our wonderful, wonderful new tax guy in order to sign them and mail them off today.

2004? We took a bad hit. We expected this.

2005? The government owes us lots and lots of money.

The upshot? After we balance what’s due and the refunds, we owe the government under $500.

I love our tax man, I do. I am considering baking him cookies. Because wow, going through the forms when HRH brought them home yesterday… there’s no way I could have done this myself. And everything seems to be in order.

Once we hear back from the federal government confirming our 2004 taxes, we can finally apply for the child tax benefit. And we’ll be able to set up Liam’s education fund as well.

Because It’s Shakespeare!

And really, quiz or not, how can I resist taking a quiz whose script compares me to the unamed summer’s day of Will’s sonnet? Particularly one whose FAQs, when asked how accurate the test is, reply “In every way save the ones of accuracy. Or comparison. But, chances are, you are lovelier than a summer day. For a start, you probably represent minimal risk of bees, sudden tourists or skin damage to those near you.”

Thee Summer Day Score
Name Owldaughter (134) Friday 12th May (159) 0 : 1
Loveliness Lovelier Lovely 1 : 1
Temperature 98.6° F 60° F 2 : 1
Lease 34.74 years 0.59 years 3 : 1
Complexion 4 : 1
Owldaughter is more lovely, and probably more temperate, than a summers day
Compare Me To A Summers Day


After a couple of good nap days, today has been a complete disaster with Liam waking up after twenty minutes of sleep on the dot every time, at that brief awakening point before the sleeper sinks into deeper sleep. HRH took him for an hour-long walk, and while he didn’t nap it mellowed him out, and that plus a bottle once home again seems to finally have put him to sleep. We’re currently at half an hour of nap and counting. Thank goodness, because Liam was getting as frustrated as I was about the lack of sleep, poor kid.

And I forgot to record that he said “Mama” the other day. Go figure.

Liam and I went grocery shopping this morning, and on the way out of the store I saw a man at a little table with two vases of daffodils. Every single year I manage to miss the cancer-awareness daffodil fundraiser. Not this year!

I chose two that had only begun to unfold, and one that was still a tight bud. It’s so warm that they’re opening already. I love them; I so rarely have fresh flowers in the house. And since they give out stickers now instead of pins, Liam has a daffodil sticker on his cap.

And there’s Liam now, waking up after forty minutes of nap. Well, that’s twice as long as he’s slept any other time he’s been put down in his bed. Every little bit helps.