Daily Archives: May 29, 2006

A Big Adventure

Yesterday we had A Big Adventure. We took the bus and metro downtown to the bookstore.

Since the car is down for the count we couldn’t implement our original plan for the day, which was to pick up earth and plants and finally get the garden in, or go get groceries, or do anything that required carrying things. But it was a beautiful day, and I had a coupon for a one-day discount at Indigo. Liam had never been on public transport before, and I’ve been leery of trying it without backup, so to speak, in case things went horribly awry. I happened to have a handful of bus tickets, so away we went.

He loved it. So many people to see! So many people to talk to him! When we got downtown we stopped in at a Second Cup so that HRH and I could have frozen hot chocolates (every bit as good as I remembered) and we could give Liam his lunch. He was so excited that he only ate half his usual lunch, but gladly accepted a bottle afterwards. Then we walked to the bookstore, and even though I read books to him and let him turn pages, he got cranky when I wouldn’t let him chew on them. It was around his afternoon nap time, and his two morning naps had been very short, so I’d sort of expected something of the sort to occur eventually. When I’d chosen books for his birthday presents HRH took him on a walk around the store while I pulled out my list and did a rapid check for the books I wanted to pick up for myself. The Jim Butcher wasn’t in stock (wah!) BUT the new Charles de Lint, Widdershins, was out, a lovely surprise as it hadn’t been listed as available when I’d last checked the website. So I snatched that up, plus The Greenstone Grail by Amanda Hemingway, a book that had a good review in a recent issue of Locus, plus Conrad’s Fate, the newest Chrestomanci book in paperback (yay Diana Wynne Jones! but the new cartoony covers for Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air are dreadful, whose idea were those?). All those books that he wasn’t allowed to touch really pushed Liam past his limits, though, so that was that.

We headed for home, and gave Liam another bottle on the metro as he was hitting that glassy-eyed tired stage. He fell asleep just before we reached the terminus, and slept the rest of the way home. All in all it was a remarkable success. Sure enough, my concerns about the metro were realised: to reach the platform you have to go up or down stairs, and our smaller stroller is still bulky enough to make this sort of thing difficult. The bus, however, is a breeze, particularly as we’re near the beginning of the route, so now I’ll feel perfectly comfortable taking him to the grocery stores or the shopping centres around here.

The phone battery gave out yet again when I was talking to my mother last night. I’m going to look into buying a new battery, as it’s happening with increasing frequency.