Daily Archives: May 8, 2006


I have just returned from eating dinner on the back deck, cooked on the new barbecue. (Thank you, whoever left the brochettes in the fridge; they were delightful.)

HRH spent the early part of the afternoon overhauling the gardens, because it was such a beautiful day. The mass of hostas that were growing along the side fence have been transplanted to various spots around the house. We took a trip out to price lumber and lattice to build the new side fence, and then to the nursery to buy our first set of plants. I now have rosebushes, lavender, and other herbs in the back corner. The huge creeping vine is gone from the back porch as well, as the trunk was beginning to split the floorboards. I think we’ll plant a clematis or two down below to replace it, to wind up the deck and along the side fence.

It’s beginning to feel somewhat like summer. It will feel more like summer once we’ve put in flats and flats of flowers, but we’re not going to do that until we’re certain the overnight temperature won’t dip close to the zero mark. I’m not tempting Nature like that, not when it’s done it twice in the past five years before Victoria Day.


We spent a fabulous afternoon with the ADZO family yesterday. They fed us, which was unexpected but not unwelcome because they always create wonderful food, and Liam got to play with TAZ and her toys, and in general we all got to relax and share good company. It was remarkable to see Liam interacting with someone who is seven months older than he is; we can see how advanced he is in some respects, and the areas in which he’s definitely an eleven-month-old. He had an excellent nap in the morning and one in the early afternoon, and those allowed him to be sociable all afternoon and let us stay till past six o’clock. When we got home, he had some milk and passed out for twelve hours, with no wakings.

(Yes, we’re rather happy about it as well. Plus he went down for all naps and bedtime without a fuss. Two days of stress seem to have smoothed things over. Cross your fingers.)

We got to share in a first at the park: TAZ climbed the stairs to the slide, sat down at the top, then pushed off and slid down all by herself for the very first time. Liam’s first was much less impressive, but something to celebrate nonetheless: he climbed up the single stair from the sunken playroom into the dining room all by himself. And it looked at one point like he was playing peek-a-boo with TAZ across the wooden chest, because he was trying to mirror her actions of bending down behind it to hide and standing up to reveal herself.

Liam also consumed the most Cheerios I’ve ever seen him stuff into his mouth over dinner. Of course, a lot of them ended up in the seat of the high chair, but he ate tons of them despite that.

Once Liam’s morning and afternoon naps are solid (and they seem to be settling in well) I’ll be able to count on two blocks of an hour to an hour and a half of work per day. Oh: and Mousme is writing a swan story based on the Bonny Swans folk ballad too! I am very amused, and also very excited. I opened my Swan Sister file the other day, but not a single word was added because of the Invisible mp3s on the playlist. It was all good, though, because I played the cello instead, and Liam woke up fifteen minutes later, so I would have just been settling into the writing flow when I’d have had to stop.

I’ve been invited to a local BNI meeting in a couple of weeks, so I have to overhaul my business cards and recreate my handout literature. It’s interesting that this invitation came from someone whom I’ve never met (HRH has spoken to her on the phone once), who thought of me off the top of her head, and at a time when I’m ready to start taking a couple of freelance jobs on again. I’m looking forward to it.