Daily Archives: May 1, 2006

Invisible Live EP!

I just put Liam down for a nap while he was still awake. There have been no earthquakes, tsunamis, or other natural disasters. So far, so good.

I previously mentioned that this past gig was recorded. Invisible have generously made the live EP of their originals available for download in mp3 format, which should thrill all of you who screamed for an encore of Zombie Chickens.

Alas, the Random Colour cover of ADE has not been made available due to rights issues. (Namely, we stole their song without their permission. Even though they love us for it.)

Go, click, download, and relive the side-splitting horror of the clucking from the barn, coming for your brains…

Insert Title Here (For I Am Unimaginative This Day)

And the baby’s down for another nap. I like this long-nap thing. It’s cumulative.

I find it very amusing that my site stats indicate that this journal’s popularity has plummeted since syndicated feeds (LJ and otherwise) have begun publishing the whole entry instead of just a link and a slug. Not many people come here any more. Which doesn’t mean no one’s reading, of course; it’s just that the owlies are lonely. Ah well; more whiskey sours for them, I suppose…

Weekend Catch-Up

Happy Beltane!

Not turning on my computer for four days running is a very good method of dealing with stress. I like it. It does, however, mean that I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on when I get back to it. The good thing is that it was over the weekend, when there’s generally less stuff to handle anyway.

Let’s see. My parents were in town for a conference, so they came over Friday night and I cooked a belated birthday dinner for my Dad. Roast breast of duck glazed in ginger marmalade and soy sauce, wild rice with oyster mushrooms and toasted almonds, organic spring greens salad with homemade vinaigrette, followed by a dessert of chocolate sponge sandwiched together with strawberry coulis folded into whipped cream, then topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache. And my parents brought an excellent Australian shiraz called [yellowtail] and it was the perfect accompaniment. It was so incredibly perfect. I’m not sure what happened, but it all worked. I’m always surprised when special dinners work.

Band practice was very okay. We miss our drummer something fierce when she’s not there. We talked about what to drop for the upcoming private gig (we’re playing a wedding! okay, it’s the guitarist’s wedding, but still!) and ran through stuff. I think most of us feel better about the gig in general after a week of distance.

Liam’s naps and sleeping-through-the-night went out the window again. Saturday was very, very bad. Last night he only woke up once around midnight, and today when he woke up after a scant twenty minutes of nap he was soothed back to sleep, so I am cautiously optimistic. We thought a tooth had made its appearance Saturday morning, but it’s still covered by a thin bit of skin, damn it. Like the other three, now.

We had coven yesterday and wove a beautiful Maypole. We slipped the weave off and tied it into sections and everyone took a bit home. Our feast was really good, too.

I’ve been going to bed very early to cope with the sleep fragmentation I’ve been suffering courtesy of the waking baby. It seems to be helping a bit.

Reading an excess of Connie Willis (not that there really is such a thing) makes me want to write desperately again.

Okay, baby’s awake! That makes for a total of over an hour of nap this morning. Hurrah!