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Proposal Done

It’s dark, it’s grey, it’s gloomy, and I have a vaguely nauseous feeling that’s probably directly connected to the amount of food I ate last night at my in-laws’ place. It’s now pouring and HRH probably still won’t come home early, just as he hasn’t the last rain days this month.

I finished the rewrite of the proposal and sent it off, so I’ve done some sort of Real Work today. Let’s see if the pub board is a bit more comfortable with a book which talks about using the seasons to support spellcasting.

Witches Weekly Questions

Witches Weekly August 28, 2004: Politics

1. Do you feel those with pagan beliefs should attempt to take more of a political stand?

I feel that religion and spirituality has nothing to do with how politically active an individual should or should not be. That’s up to the individual. I would never stand for a religion or spirituality dictating my political behaviour to me. Certainly, I tend to be more vocal concerning areas honoured by pagan paths, such as environmental issues, the right to expression, the freedom of religion, health care, and education; this, however, is a result of common interests, not due to my involvement as a pagan or my commitment to the Wiccan path.

2. Is paganism openly accepted where you are from? (city, town, state)

Sure. Here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we have a handful of metaphysical shops, there are outdoor rituals in public places, and the major anglophone newspaper does articles on the spirituality of pagans, not the sensational aspect. Canada in general tends to not get its knickers in a knot about alternative spirituality. (Don’t get us started on the archaic laws still on the books, however.)

3. Given your beliefs, what’s one thing that a political figure could promise to you about your path, that would convince you to vote for them?
No single promise would convince me to vote for anyone. I consider it my responsibility as a citizen to not be swayed by single issues, so I look at the entire platform. An individual could promise me a 100% increase in recycling investment, and if I didn’t look at the rest of the platform I might allow education cuts, a reduction in rights and freedoms to slip by. That’s irresponsible.

Come the restoration of the monarchy, however, things will be much improved. Hail to the king!

Another New Obsession

Pasley and I escaped to have cool sangria and nibbles yesterday afternoon when both of us were about to pop, and we also stopped in at a new tea shop I’d seen a few weeks ago as I drove past.

Un Amour des Thes is a smaller, more welcoming, better-staffed tea merchant than the tea emporium in Westmount ever was. I love it. I am currently drinking Petales de Rose, a blend of Ceylon tea, rose petals, and rose essence, and I fully intend to return for a sample of other kinds (such as the Ceylon cocoa essence mint, and Ceylon caramel, plus all the lovely expensive teas in tall tins behind the wooden counter), plus a tea press when I get my next cheque from the publisher. They’re all blended on-site, and I’m so delighted. The energy there is wonderful. And they do tea-tastings, and workshops too.

I know. Little things.

(Ed. note: Oh, look; Blogger finally put through the edits and spelling corrections I did yesterday. How kind of it.)

Drumroll please…

Ladies and gentlebeasts, we present:

There. HRH has an on-line CV and sample portfolio, whether he likes it or not. For the moment, please don’t add it to your links; it needs final approval and so forth. Don’t bother pointing out that there’s no contact info; I know there isn’t. The site isn’t meant to advertise, it’s meant to serve as a literal electronic portfolio, the URL of which will be included in applications made by HRH to lucky studios and businesses who as of yet are unaware of his talents and skills.

I appear to have a stomach-ache. Eating would probably help.