Icon Credits

I’ve been hoarding icons for ages, and what with a couple of computer crashes sometimes I’ve lost track of who made what. If you recognise one without attribution and know who created it, please let me know.

January 2010: I’ve cleaned up this page, tossing out a bunch of icons I don’t use. There may be a post or two from way back that used an icon that’s no longer here, so if you come here looking for it and don’t find it, it means I lost track of what posts used what icon.

Icons by Curtana! There are a lot of them, because not only is she an icon goddess, her sense of humour and composition perfectly capture the way my mind works sometimes.

This set: all quotes from the oeuvre of Neil Gaiman:

This set: Various artists and quotes. Hover over the icon to see any other attributions available.

by Meallanmouse

by Summersamba

by Raevnn

by aimala1

by Roxicons

by Semyaza

by nomnomicons

by Odette River

by September_Icons

by Talyesin

by Karine

by Glimglamoury

by Scholarsicons

by Hobbitholes

by Emjy

by Mysticmirth

by crymeariver (art by Kinuko Craft)

by M-icons (art by Kinuko Craft)

by coeliz

by Kyuukumber (art by Brett Helquist)

by Fiery Tempest (quote by Neil Gaiman)

by Vanity Made

by Keswindhover (art by E.H. Shepard)

by avendya

by Proverbial Web

by shewhoweeps

by Eronn Icons

by ikonanza

by Anandi

by Wicked Visions

by avelina

from mrmmarc

by Allegoric Icons

by Forthright, art from the Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini

by Jiatra

by Icontrary

by unknown

by Carmelo Icons

by Obsessive Icons

Icons By Me:

While talented in many other disciplines, icon-making is really not one of my fortes. I’m a crop-and-basic-colour-filter kind of girl, because Photoshop and I do not get along. I usually turn to Curtana when in need of something specific beyond my capabilities.

Original art by Ronald Hiscock.

First photo by Jessica Jenkins; second and third photos by Scott Schmeisser; fourth photo by LCO.

From various images of quills and tablets on-line; the addition of words on the first icon is mine.

Art in the last icon is by Paul Dowling.

All from the delightful Two Lumps comic.

This is an icon I designed for posts about the YA music novel I outlined in May 2008. It’s based on a photo called Girl With Violin by Anton Novozhilov.