Monthly Archives: April 2005

Sunday Music

Last night’s concert was excellent — very tight. Fantastic work from everyone, particularly our section of Cello-Playing Mice. When things go well, the evening always flys by and the two hours are over before I know it. Although my legs falling asleep from the wooden chair being just a smidge too high were a definite indication of time passing. Halfway through the symphony in the second half, I rearranged my legs so that they were stretched to the left and crossed at the ankles instead of feet flat on the floor, one knee on either side of the cello. Unorthodox, but it helped for a bit. Thanks again to everyone who came out — it always means a lot to me.

The Random Colour meeting was terrific as well, particularly since we ended up working out music not once but twice for one song, and acing the second (up until the part where we have to modulate at the bridge, that is; we decided to work on that at home since I had to flee to eat and change for the other concert). I’m impressed with how well we worked together, particularly for those who’d never played with others before (or played their instrument!). The girls have decided that bowing the cello sounds pretty darned cool in the second song we worked, so I’ll mess about with that in the other songs at home to see what happens.

Good thing we’d casually looked at amps and pick-ups earlier, because as soon as Ceri started tuning her sax both the stringed instruments realised that we’d need to amp simply in order to be heard. My inexpensive cello pick-up is already on order; I doubt it will be here for the next rehearsal this weekend, but then, I won’t have an amp either, so that’s fine. I won’t be able to get the baby amp, either, until HRH’s EI snarl gets worked out, which, gods willing, will be this week. The girls are meeting every weekend from now till Invisible’s mid-June concert in order to really ace a couple of songs; we have less time than they did for their first gig, and we’ve chosen harder songs (enthusiastic overacheivers that we are).

Today: errands; more edits; some green witch work.