Daily Archives: May 26, 2006


Thanks to my wonderful mother in law, HRH and I got to play hooky for about four hours today.

X3 was… disappointing. The storyline vanished halfway through the film. Characterisation and motivation were non-existant. The scriptwriters should be shot for what they passed off as dialogue. On the other hand, there was action. A bunch of it, in fact. If I’d cared about any of the characters, I’d have enjoyed the action more.

Other than that, I mailed out a pile o’ stuff and finally got to deposit a cheque. I also tried to put a CD into my safe deposit box only to discover that it didn’t fit, even without the case; the disc is about five millimeters too wide. Argh! Looks like I’ll be buying a flash drive for this instead.

All in all, though, the day was a good one. And we had a bit of sushi for dinner, because it’s been a long hard week — no, a long hard two weeks — for both of us.


Those new strings? Awesome! Except the thinner diameter really slices into my fingers. Ouch.

We had to flee the premises yesterday morning at seven-thirty because the floors upstairs were being sanded and the first coat of varnish put on. Drove HRH out to the place he’s painting (one hour and fifteen minutes), Liam and myself to the South Shore (forty-five minutes) to stay at my in-laws’ place (for three hours) before heading back to pick up HRH (one hour) and come home for the night. Even after airing the place out and burning good resin incense, I had a dreadful headache that pills couldn’t kill. Liam’s naps and location comfort zone were all messed up and we all suffered for it. Today they’re buffing and then a second coat of varnish is going on, and we’re not leaving until his first nap is finished; I don’t care how bad it smells. But when he’s awake again we’re headed back to the South Shore for the day. Depending on how everyone feels, HRH and I may leave him with his grandma for a couple of hours and go see X3. And I’ve got a pile of mail to go out, too, so we’ll have to hit a post office.