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Liam: Seven Months Old

Baths are even more fun than they used to be, because now Liam has discovered that water splashes. And the ducks can be either drowned, or picked up and their heads eaten. He spends and awful lot of bathtime with a huge grin on his face.

This month we tried the Great Pasta Experiment. You can practically see the gears turning in his head as he works it through: "Hmm. What's this stuff?", followed by, "It's not moving. Maybe it's food. Mum's eating it off her own plate. I guess I'll try it too." And finally, "Hey, you know, this isn't bad. Plus I can play with it!"

And the piece de resistance: Liam as a baby bird.

It was nice to have my parents in town, and my father taking pictures of Liam with me in them too. Usually I'm the one with the camera, snapping shots of HRH, and as a result it's rare to have a shot of me and Liam.

Liam playing with his caterpillar. This is the one that counts, identifies colours, styles of music, and composers. (Every time I hear it chirp "Boccherini!" I laugh.)

Liam,January 19 2006

He's such a happy kid.

And finally, the Liam Almost Crawling Montage:

"You are so in trouble! Observe as I co-ordinate my limbs and crawl!"

"Uh-oh -- losing balance --"

"Oh, drat."

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