Daily Archives: August 27, 2004

Drumroll please…

Ladies and gentlebeasts, we present:

There. HRH has an on-line CV and sample portfolio, whether he likes it or not. For the moment, please don’t add it to your links; it needs final approval and so forth. Don’t bother pointing out that there’s no contact info; I know there isn’t. The site isn’t meant to advertise, it’s meant to serve as a literal electronic portfolio, the URL of which will be included in applications made by HRH to lucky studios and businesses who as of yet are unaware of his talents and skills.

I appear to have a stomach-ache. Eating would probably help.

Alive (But Not Kicking)

Not dead. Busy.

I had an emergency edit dumped in my lap, and in my off-hours I’ve been creating HRH’s on-line CV and portfolio.

It’s humid again, people are stupid, my allergies are acting up, and I’m cranky because I haven’t been allowed to wake up by my own internal clock for a week. Chocolate does not help. Caffeine does not help. Dad’s pinot noir does not help. Salt does not help. Nor does tea of any kind.

And I have to be perky tonight for the open house.