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Witches Weekly Questions

Witches Weekly August 21, 2004: Random Questions

1. Have you ever been confronted with a decision you had to make that conflicted with your spiritual beliefs? If so, what, and how did you deal with it?

No. My faith is all about taking the responsibility for every one of your actions on your own shoulders.

The main lesson I learned in the early years of practicing Wicca concerned the “harm none” rule. No one, absolutely no one, can go through life without harming someone or something. I grew to understand that a Wiccan must temper the “harm none” law with the belief that allowing harm to perpetuate elsewhere is wrong, and that standing by doing nothing is in itself causing harm. Loving the evildoer isn’t the way to redeem them; it’s just not going to happen. Thus, engaging in less than ethical action to stop evil from perpetuating is at times necessary. I firmly believe that we’re often faced with situations where the choice can only be the action “which is less wrong.” I also accept the karmic burden for taking those actions.

(The fact that there are no such concepts as pure “evil” or “good” complicates matters, but that’s a discussion for another day. Right and wrong are always subjective, and often situational as well. Hitting someone is generally perceived as wrong, but if you do it to turn someone aside from harming someone else (after trying other methods) then it’s right. You’re still going to have to take responsibility for it, though; you can’ escape the fact that you hit someone. Actions are dependent upon the individual, the situation, and the pressing need of a resolution. Heck, I’m not going to reiterate the Ethics chapter of the bloody book; just read it when it comes out next May, all right?)

2. What was your most spiritual moment?

I have absolutely no clue. I have frequent little spiritual moments; I can’t isolate one of them as “the most spiritual.” To me, spirituality is a life-suffusing concept. Even a small spiritual moment can change your life, and continuously informs the next moment as well as the one before it.

If you pressed me, though, I’d have to choose between the moments directly following my wedding ceremony, and my third degree ceremony. And perhaps my second degree ceremony as well. These just happen to have been facilitated by someone else; it’s not the fact that they’re ceremonies which makes them spiritual. Rather, it’s the depth of the spiritual transformation which occured during those ceremonies that makes them stand out.

3. Has there ever been a moment where you doubted the path you were on? If so, how did you deal with it?

In the ten years I have followed it, I have never doubted my adherence to the Wiccan faith. I have, however, doubted what I’m doing within it, though: teaching, writing, counseling, and so forth. These doubts are mini spiritual crises which pass after meditation, divination, consulting with others, and rest (they’re often a direct result of being overworked and overtired). Someone once told me the fact that I wonder about my suitability for helping others probably means I’m the right person to do it. Sigh. There’s no escape, is there.

From the Files of the Obvious

In general I avoid quizzes, as they frustrate me; they’re never multi-dimensional enough, and I usually wouldn’t choose any of the answers, so I’m left with a best-of-the-worst-choices selection. Sometimes, though, I’m curious to see how they’re constructed, how they would slot me into a limited, pre-conceived category.

Today, I discovered via the What Style of Witchcraft Suits You? quiz that I am “best suited to Traditional Wicca!! You feel more comfortable in a structured setting, but have no qualms about doing what must be done when necessary.” Which is true enough, and the only answer which even remotely describes my actual practice.

I also discovered this, according to the What Kind of Pagan Are You? quiz, and I’m pasting the whole thing because Dame Maggie Smith is just cool:

Real thing
You are just a regular person with alternative
beliefs. You don’t feel you have anything to
prove and are just enjoying life. Good for
you! What kind of pagan are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(The “all possible results” was a riot.)