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Oldest Altar Unearthed

How cool is this?

Bulgaria Boasts Europe’s Oldest Altar

Lifestyle: 4 August 2004, Wednesday.

Bulgarian archeologists disclosed the oldest altar in Europe.

It was found in a mound located near the Bulgarian village Kapitan Dimitrievo. The altar dates back from 6000 B.C.

The mound is as high as 13 meters and has a diameter of 140 meters. It is said to be one of the oldest historical landmarks in Bulgaria.

That’s the entire article; the original can be found here. Wren’s Nest over at Witchvox adds that:


Bulgarian archaeologists found a primitive scripture supposed to have been used by Thracian tribes.

The pictograms, painted on 3, 000 year-old ceramic utensils, were found in the grandiose religious centre Perperikon.

(That one’s here.)

No doubt there will eventually be archaeological reports, anthropological reconstructions, and other research released. Utterly fascinating.

Present In Body

I woke up, organized my whole day while I lay in bed, got up, and now have absolutely no idea what I was planning to do.

Irritating. I was happy with the original plan, too. While I try to remember, I’m doing book work: the publisher sent me the back cover copy for my book to edit. I’m trying to figure out how to re-state the bulleted information without repeating the info that’s everywhere else.

Yesterday was the first writing jam in about six weeks, and although both Ceri and I were remarkably uninspired, we managed to get things done we wouldn’t otherwise have accomplished if we’d been alone. I transcribed eight hundred words of handwritten work to the computer. Ceri made some adjustments to the story that On Spec asked her to rewrite, and chaperoned two reluctant characters through the beginnings of a conversation that will eventually turn into something useful. Neither of us committed as much jamage as we’d hoped; but then, we’re out of practice. And t! was not present in body, although he called.

And yes, HRH walked in, damp and unimpressed, partway through.

The day was capped by a very productive CMS co-ordinators’ meeting. Blade makes a mean ice cream/Jello dessert which finished things off nicely. And I not only slept through the night, I slept well.

Now, if I could only remember what was on today’s agenda…