Daily Archives: August 29, 2004

Another New Obsession

Pasley and I escaped to have cool sangria and nibbles yesterday afternoon when both of us were about to pop, and we also stopped in at a new tea shop I’d seen a few weeks ago as I drove past.

Un Amour des Thes is a smaller, more welcoming, better-staffed tea merchant than the tea emporium in Westmount ever was. I love it. I am currently drinking Petales de Rose, a blend of Ceylon tea, rose petals, and rose essence, and I fully intend to return for a sample of other kinds (such as the Ceylon cocoa essence mint, and Ceylon caramel, plus all the lovely expensive teas in tall tins behind the wooden counter), plus a tea press when I get my next cheque from the publisher. They’re all blended on-site, and I’m so delighted. The energy there is wonderful. And they do tea-tastings, and workshops too.

I know. Little things.

(Ed. note: Oh, look; Blogger finally put through the edits and spelling corrections I did yesterday. How kind of it.)