Daily Archives: August 2, 2004


Even worse than writing an 80K word manuscript is trying to write a sixty-word bio.

The really annoying thing? I woke up three days ago and had a perfect little bio in my brain, just like that. Did I write it down? No. I have bios galore already. I did not need yet another. So naturally, they asked me for a new one today, with a sixty-word limit.

I feel as if I’m banging my head against a brick wall. It never gets any easier.

Round One


The manuscript has gone through the first in-house edit. It’s all coded, it’s shorter, small spelling errors have been caught, I’ve added necessary information. It’s tighter. I like it. They like it. Everyone’s happy so far.

And now, I wait for the second round of editing, after it’s gone through the independent reader. Don’t ask me when that will be; I don’t know.

Witches Weekly

Witches Weekly – August 02, 2004: Seasons

1. What do you like most about the summer season?

The light. I get very lethargic in winter due to the lack of sunlight. I enjoy not having to turn on an electric light in the daytime during the summer months.

2. How does weather affect your spirituality? Are you more active in the summer with pagan activities or less? Do you meditate outside or inside depending on weather?

The weather doesn’t affect my spirituality or the frequency of my rituals at all. Sure, we have a few bbqs outdoors, and we do a couple of outdoor rituals, but I wouldn’t say it deeply affects my spirituality; other than the basic fact that my spirituality is seasonally-based, of course. I meditate all over the place in any season, whenever needed.

3. What’s your favorite summer ritual? (Lughnasadh, Midsummer, whatever you celebrate)

Lughnassadh! Fresh corn, home-made bread… well, see the previous entry. I tend to forget about midsummer, actually. (Although I’m likely to have it eternally emblazoned upon my mind after this summer’s Star Wars ritual, where Darth Vader cut Obi-Wan down, ostensibly to become the reigning king… but we all know that the Oak King has become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine and will return in a different form come Yule.)

I have a stronger connection with the harvest festivals than with Midsummer. And yet, Yule is an essential part of the wheel for me. I also tend to forget Ostara, but the Autumn Equinox/Harvest Home is firmly entrenched in my mind both as a major harvest festival, and as my wedding anniversary.

I know others tend to forget Ostara and Lughnassadh because they don’t have much of a connection to them. I try to remember Ostara as the Vernal Equinox, where I say farewell to winter with much joy. When I have children, I have decided that Ostara will also be a Maiden festival (or Youth festival, depending on the sex of the children!). When I was a child, I saw that there was a Mothers’ Day, a Fathers’ Day, and even a Grandparents’ Day. “When is Kids’ Day?” I asked my mother. “Every day is Kids’ Day,” she told me, which, as an adult, I now completely understand. At the time, though, it nettled me. Making Ostara an official Kids’ Day works with the themes of youth and potential. Lughnassadh, as I’ve said, I made a celebration of corn and wheat, two of my favourite foods, so I never forget it.