Oldest Altar Unearthed

How cool is this?

Bulgaria Boasts Europe’s Oldest Altar

Lifestyle: 4 August 2004, Wednesday.

Bulgarian archeologists disclosed the oldest altar in Europe.

It was found in a mound located near the Bulgarian village Kapitan Dimitrievo. The altar dates back from 6000 B.C.

The mound is as high as 13 meters and has a diameter of 140 meters. It is said to be one of the oldest historical landmarks in Bulgaria.

That’s the entire article; the original can be found here. Wren’s Nest over at Witchvox adds that:


Bulgarian archaeologists found a primitive scripture supposed to have been used by Thracian tribes.

The pictograms, painted on 3, 000 year-old ceramic utensils, were found in the grandiose religious centre Perperikon.

(That one’s here.)

No doubt there will eventually be archaeological reports, anthropological reconstructions, and other research released. Utterly fascinating.

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