Daily Archives: January 15, 2007

Real Music

My early afternoon has consisted of the adaptor, cables, the minidisc player, and Audacity editing software. Mildly time-consuming as I learned how to do it all, but in the end, I have nine tracks, converted to mp3 format, and now uploaded to our band folder so we can all listen to them and say “wow” and “oh, now I hear what’s supposed to be happening there” and “I will do [this particular thing] slightly differently this time because I had no idea it sounded like that”.

Nine most excellent tracks of band rehearsal on Saturday.

We are Teh Awesome. What a fabulous learning tool this is.

Huge Weekend

Lots and lots of stuff happened this weekend. Lots. Not as in going-places sort of things, but as in Significant Decisions. And I am very proud and very supportive of everyone who went through the tough decision-making process and arrived at a conclusion that was right for them, if not comfortable or easy. You all know who you are. (And yes, I’m counted in there too.)

To otherwise generally recap the weekend:

Awesome band practice. I recorded much of the rehearsal using the minidisc, and wow. I now have an adaptor that may allow me to link it into the sound card, so I’ll be messing about with that and Audacity this afternoon.

Saturday night was the 2007 Capricornucopia extravagana, for which my darling Mousme wrote me a role that was not humungous nor expository in any way, and was in fact comedic. I adore Wodehousian comedy, and to be given lines such as “I am off to go look for a suitable frock in which to end my already frightfully brief existence” was absolutely delicious. Also, I got to scream on stage again. This looks suspiciously like a trend.

There is currently scads of snow coming down outside.