Daily Archives: January 12, 2007

Surreal – Private

The Way of the Green Witch is currently in the top 100 bestsellers in the Wicca category in Amazon.ca, occupying the 82th position. Oddly, it outranks the Ann Moura green witchcraft books. It’s also outselling most of the books by Buckland, Farrars, and Starhawk.

I find this really out of whack. Granted, this list of the top 100 Wicca-category books reflects recent sales on Amazon.ca alone, and it’s not like it’s one of the top 100 bestselling books from all categories — but still. Very surreal.


So far this morning I have:

– written half a dozen thank yous for mail and Christmas-associated stuff
– gone through winter/spring 2007 frontlists from three publishers to pinpoint potential review books, and made a schedule for reviews through July
– discussed the details of an article assignment for Wyntergreene, the local neopagan journal, due at the beginning of February
– talked through a potential second article for the same journal, also due at the beginning of February
– read news
– uninstalled and reinstalled and repaired Adobe so that it actually opens PDF files I download from the internet
– did some banking

And yet I feel as if I have accomplished pretty much nothing. I have got to re-examine my personal standards of productivity, because this is ridiculous.

Well, I did cross five things off my written to-do list. That’s something.