Daily Archives: January 25, 2007

Ought To Be In Bed

All I want to do is take a warm bath and go to bed, but I have work to do. I only slept for five hours last night, so I was wiped by around midafternoon. My parents were in town, though, so I had a pleasant time chatting and cooking today. What with handling a work issue and writing important work email yesterday, having company today, and being out for half the day tomorrow, I must continue reading and tech reviewing at whatever hour I can. I’ll work until I need to stop tonight.

Liam woke up today with a cold. We pulled out the Triaminic right away this time and set up the humidifer. Despite being cheerful, the poor kid was a bit all over the place and out of sorts despite the fun company, and went to bed an hour early. Every once in a while I hear a sneeze or a hoarse cough from the bedroom. This is what I get for realising the other day that he hadn’t had a cold in a very long time. No, I didn’t say it aloud to anyone, but simply noticing seems to have tripped the balance of fate nonetheless. Also, we think the two year old molars may be beginning their movement. (Please, gods, no, but it’s possible considering the amount of chomping and drooling that has been going on.)

Back to reading and the tech review.

Not What You Think It Means

I really want to believe that a journalist was aiming for a punnish-like thing in composing this headline, but it’s more likely that s/he simply didn’t think this through:

Rare gladiator marbles discovered in major Italian art bust

Rare because gladiators weren’t big marble players; they preferred tetherball. And these must be really special marbles, too, because they were discovered during an art bust (“*in* an actual bust, as the headline could also be read, would be stretching my patience just too far), so they’re probably collectibles!

(Yes, I know what marbles are. But I’ll bet that at least eighty percent of people who encountered this headline didn’t until they read the article.)