Daily Archives: January 2, 2007

Gratuitous Icon Post!

Yes; I now have icons for each post. Fear me. I wish I could say it’s a plugin or a clever php code modification, but I’m just hard-coding. (I know, I know; there goes all my mystery.)

Still not one hundred percent sure if every post will have an icon, but more likely than not they will. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Now, if I really wanted to be obssessive and waste time, I could go back and assign icons to everything. But I won’t. Just the past week or so.

Icon Credits

I’ve been hoarding icons for ages, and what with a couple of computer crashes sometimes I’ve lost track of who made what. If an icon isn’t listed here, it’s because I made it. When I have free time I’ll sit down and add those to this list and include my sources for the artwork. Icons of unknown or untraceable source are listed at the end; if you recognise one and know who created it, please let me know.

Icons by curtana (all text-only icons in this set are quotes from the oeuvre of Neil Gaiman):

Icons by Summersamba:

Icons by Raevnn:

Icons by aimala1:

Icons by Odette River:

Icons by September_Icons:

Icons by Fiery Tempest (quote by Neil Gaiman):

Icons by Talyesin:

Icons by Karine:

Icons by Melleanmouse:

Icons by Pointless Blank:

Icons by Fire Icons:

Icons by Glimglamoury:

Icons by Scholarsicons:

Icons by Hobbitholes:

Miscellaneous Icons:

by crymeariver

by M-icons

by avendya

by dawn_icons

by pouringicons

by coeliz

by Kyuukumber (art by Brett Helquist)

by call_twilight

by Vanity Made

by Macpherson Arts

by Keswindhover

by shewhoweeps

by ikonanza

by Proverbial Web

by avelina

by Allegoric Icons

by Anandi

by Semyaza

by emjy

from mrmmarc

by summer_kisses89

by Sawyer

by Forthright, art from the Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini

by Gracenote

by Ravensmaybite, art from Swan Lake illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

by Mysticmirth

by Eronn Icons

Icons of Unknown Origin:

If you recognise any of these and know the creator, please let me know so that they may be properly credited.

Oh, Sure, *Now* Be All Thoughtful And Not-Aggressive

Dear government of Quebec:

After months of politely reminding me to send you the cheque, the least you could do is cash the damn payment for my taxes already. You’ve had it for a month.

No love,


PS: If there was such a thing as interest to collect any more, leaving the money in my bank account to create sweet compound cash love would be swell, but there isn’t, so just take it out so that I stop worrying about if the right amount is still there.

Highly Amused

In 2007, owldaughter resolves to…

Start a music fund.
Learn to play the theatre.
Volunteer to spend time with soundtracks.
Go to anglo-saxon every Sunday.
Cut down on my performing.
Put fifty owls a month into my savings account.
Get your own New Year’s Resolutions:

Volunteering to spend time with soundtracks sounds a lot like going through my CD collection day by day. And every savings account needs more owls!