So far this morning I have:

– written half a dozen thank yous for mail and Christmas-associated stuff
– gone through winter/spring 2007 frontlists from three publishers to pinpoint potential review books, and made a schedule for reviews through July
– discussed the details of an article assignment for Wyntergreene, the local neopagan journal, due at the beginning of February
– talked through a potential second article for the same journal, also due at the beginning of February
– read news
– uninstalled and reinstalled and repaired Adobe so that it actually opens PDF files I download from the internet
– did some banking

And yet I feel as if I have accomplished pretty much nothing. I have got to re-examine my personal standards of productivity, because this is ridiculous.

Well, I did cross five things off my written to-do list. That’s something.

8 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    See, if someone else did all this, I’d be impressed and think it almost a full day of work, minus a couple of hours of other stuff. Why are my standards for myself so very different, and more harsh?

  2. Phnee

    Ditto what Jan said. I am in the process of schooling myself in the fine art of Giving Myself My Fair Due.

    This process is harder than I thought. No matter how many things I cross off my to-do list, I keep seeing the giant pile of Other Stuff(tm) that I haven’t got to yet.

    I am getting the hang of it, though. When I figure out the trick, I will let you know. Maybe it’ll help. :)

  3. ADZO

    I’m the same way and often have to do a re-evaluation at the end of those days. The reason for me is that I do not recognize these types of items as things that I need to do, but rather noise that needs to get dealt with so that I can get to the real stuff. When something goes slightly off and thus makes those types of things take longer I get really frustrated. Very much like someone who isn’t able to sleep and sees that the clock now reads 4:30am and they think “Damnit I’ve got to sleep, I only have two and a half hours left!!” which of course, doesn’t help.

    I’m getting better at accepting that these things are legitimate tasks, as legitimate as anything else I need to do, and so they also need to be done well.

  4. Tigerlily

    And you did all this in the morning? You definitely are turning into the Martha Stewart of the multi-taskering mommies out here. I’m jealous. But you know, I look around and I see that I’ve managed to keep the kids alive, and the plants too, and still wore makeup and did the dishes, then it was an accomplished day.


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