Daily Archives: January 8, 2007

Important Concert-Related Announcement

To all Random Colour and Invisible fans:

Due to an unacceptable rate hike from our regular venue, the double-band show on January 20 has been cancelled.

I know you’re all devastated, as you were deprived of our gig last fall as well. When we have another date we’ll announce it, but do be aware that because of various other commitments it won’t be until late spring at the earliest.

Thanks, everyone, for your ongoing support.


The weekend was less stressful than I expected, probably because I made the conscious choice to be alone, to focus on me and my thoughts instead of getting caught up in idle conversation. (Or, in the words of another on-line journaler, I “chose silence”. Ivy, was that you? I can’t find the reference now.) Among other workshops there were two lovely guided meditations, a peaceful ritual, and lots of time in my room journaling longhand and meditating about various challenges and stalled areas in my life. I discovered a whole bunch of things and made a couple of personal breakthoughs; now all I have to do is follow up on them, which is not so easy.

Liam had an excellent time with his local grandparents, who stayed with him while we were gone. Knowing that they had such a good forty-eight hours together has opened up a lot of possibilities for us.