Daily Archives: January 26, 2007

Prayer of Thanks

Dear God/dess/all aspects of the Divine:

Thank you for bringing Janice into my life. If you hadn’t, she wouldn’t be talking me down from a metaphorical ledge where I’m currently standing with an equally metaphorical semi-automatic, and there would be a lot of unhappy people dealing with fallout. Someone just broke one of my cardinal professional rules, you see, and I’m livid.

Patience. I must have patience. I have to, in order to maintain sanity until the person I must speak with about this Issue is back in the office next Monday.

So I just thought I’d say thanks.




Today’s plans were cancelled, alas, due to inconsiderate movie theatres not sticking to the schedule they posted two weeks ago (read: I didn’t double-check to confirm that things were being screened at the same time when I know movie schedules can shift weekly). While I’m disappointed, it does free up the afternoon to continue working on the tech review. I’m still going to have to work over the weekend, but not as much. And now I can look forward to the plans next Friday instead, with the new schedule.

I managed to review an entire chapter last night before I had to go take that bath and go to bed. An acceptable work rate, but I wish I could have done more before I reached the point of not being able to review in a focused and constructive fashion.

Liam seems all right; still has the nasal congestion, still clingy, and a bit cranky, but otherwise okay. He slept really well, thank goodness. I think I’m fighting not to catch the same cold.

I’m going to go heat up the leftovers from yesterday’s excellent dinner and keep working.