Daily Archives: January 23, 2007

The Excitement Of Tuesdays

Not only have two boxes of books just arrived, but my new issue of Fine Cooking was in the mailbox too. Life loves me today. Of course, the doorbell woke Liam, but as he’s only been napping for an hour and a quarter I’ll see if he falls asleep again.

I went to bed with my copy of Northanger Abbey around eight o’clock last night and was asleep by 9:30 once I’d finished it. Naturally this means I woke up at 4 AM, and after trying to go back to sleep for half an hour I got up and worked for an hour and a half. I puzzled out some of what needs to happen next in Swan Sister, worked out some world-stuff, and sketched out a scene or two, then went back to bed around six for a while. It was my own fault for allowing myself to fall asleep too early, but I was just so tired for some reason.

I received a manuscript to review and for which to write a preface today, due back in a week. I’m two chapters into it already, which pleases me because I want to be able to really think about the preface. Not knowing exactly when things like this will be sent to me means I have to make sure the rest of my projects are scheduled in a flexible fashion. I’m glad I got so much work done on the WynterGreene articles yesterday; it takes some of the pressure off that might otherwise have built up when this MS was sent to me, because it naturally takes priority over whatever else is on the go. Fortunately I was also clever enough to start these articles in plenty of time, too.

No, the boy’s not going back to sleep. In fact, he’s singing. Back to parenting.