Daily Archives: January 4, 2007

In Other News

‘Other news’, of course, being news wherein I do not obliquely express an unhealthy desire for a majority of the planet’s population to vanish. After the last post, I didn’t want to leave you all wondering what had happened to me over the weekend, as I’m going away and won’t be journaling. I wish I could say it was on a mini vacation, but it isn’t. So I hereby provide you with a short recap of what I did while Liam napped:

Plugged the microphone into the minidisc player. Clipped the mic to my music stand. Recorded a chunk of my hour and a half of cello practice this afternoon. Put the headphones on to check for recording quality.

Cue jaw drop. Wow. Just — wow.

I can feed the minidisc signal into a regular stereo and listen to it via the stereo speakers, and also record it onto a cassette, which means it’s analog. Therefore there must exist a way to feed it into the computer and transfer it to a digital file, because I know people do this with cassettes and videotapes and such things. It will be a project of mine next week, the researching of this. It likely involves cables that I do not presently own.

In the meantime — wow, both for the quality of the little stereo microphone I ordered and for the minidisc recording ability. Also, my cello playing does not suck. The purchase of these items may well be paid back by repeated use of them to convince me of this alone.