Oh And

I got to meet a couple of people I’d only ever chatted with online with last night. Yay!

I received compliments on my red shoes. More yay!

Why are people so amazed that I actually screamed onstage, and more than once? It was in the script, after all…

(Overheard: “Has she been on stage before?” I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.)

As HRH and I were driving home at midnight, I had the oddest craving for Lafleur’s poutine, and I was totally mystified as to why I was craving something that I haven’t had in years. About four minutes from home I finally said out loud, “I have a really odd craving for Lafleur’s poutine, and I have no idea why.” I heard the words as I said them, and suddenly I knew exactly why: t! and I used to stop by Lafleur’s after an evening rehearsal once every week, because we’d be very awake and ravenous after working for two and a half hours. I’d order poutine, he’d order a Michigan, and we’d sit and talk.

“Would you like a poutine?” said HRH.

I almost brushed it off with a laugh, but then I paused and thought about it. “Yes,” I said. “Yes, I think I do.”

“Then we will go to Lafleur’s and get you a poutine,” said HRH, and so we drove to the Lafleur’s just around the corner, and he bought me a poutine. I brought it home, washed up and changed, curled up in bed and ate it, ate every single bit of it. The gravy was a bit too peppery, but the nostalgia tasted wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Oh And

  1. Ceri


    Also overheard last night: “We moved around a lot for people with no blocking.”

    Because we are awesome even without blocking.

  2. Blade

    Was it form the one on Lafleur street? I picked some up there while we were still prepping the place to move in and I found it a bit too peppery as well (and this form me, mr. never enough pepper). I need to go try the one on sources again to decide if the one near us is just bad, or if they’ve all gone down hill, which is sad because I used to love them.

  3. Talyesin

    Ye gods, yes, poutine would have been wonderful.

    Well, anything other than broth or toast or soft-boiled eggs would have been wonderful, to be perfectly honest.

    Still, it’s the Lafleur’s-after-rehearsal (or better yet, after an actual show) poutine (with that cayenne pepper stuff they have) from the Lafleur’s on Sources that’s the thing. Key, you might say, to such an evening of theatricality.

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