Daily Archives: December 22, 2006

“And I Know This Because I’m A Geek”

I must link this YouTube video if only for my own future entertainment.

Rob Paravonian’s Pachelbel Rant at Penn State

I feel the same damn way about the piece in question. It’s a pity, because the gigue that follows the canon (or supposed to follow the canon, expect people think that this is an isolated piece of music), is lovely.

“My theory was, he once dated a cellist, and she dissed him really bad….”

(Thanks, t!.)


What an incredible sunrise this morning. I’ll upload a photo later, once I’m back from dropping Liam off. It began the day very nicely. (Later: Uploaded! It’s blurry because I didn’t want to use the flash, but I don’t care because it still gives some sort of idea of how beautiful it was.)

We’ve begun a new tradition of allowing Liam to open a gift on Solstice morning. The one he’d been most interested in was the huge gift bag from his godparents, so we let him have that one. He is absolutely enchanted with the Fisher-Price farm. New word today: “pumpkin”. He’s already figured out how it opens and closes and latches (the farm, not the pumpkins). We have heard the word “tractor” a billion times already. Also, there is a little rabbit that came with the animals; I don’t think he’s put it down.

I had deep thoughts about Solstice and what it means to me last night while falling asleep, but I can’t dredge them up out of my allergy-sodden brain right now. I even talked to Liam about it, and have blanked on what imagery I used. I may be able to dig it up later, I may not. I don’t have a lot of energy, which is appropriate considering that the Solstice is all about the sun apparently ceasing movement, a still-point before motion begins again, and the sun is one of the traditional sources of energy and power. (Oh, look, something moderately insightful. Maybe I’m not as out of it as I thought.)

I leave you with a quote from Whaledancer that had me in tears of laughter when I read it, and almost broke HRH when I shared it with him:

[we] had a fire outside in the fire pit for […] adding its strength to the sun (spiritually… we are NOT idiots, just pagans)

Just so. We know that lighting candles and bonfires during the longest night don’t literally provide the sun with strength to begin its motion again. We do it because the symbolism creates a different sort of energy, both within and without us. It connects us to a natural cycle in a sympathetic fashion.