Daily Archives: December 17, 2006


Not dead.

Concert was brilliant. The church was standing room only, and the overflow of people was directed to the church hall where there was a closed-circuit AV broadcast of the concert on a 20-inch monitor. That hall was filled to twice legal capacity (shh). And they had to turn people away because there was no more room anywhere. Thanks to Tal and Lu for coming out, and to Jeff and Paze and Devon for making the attempt!

So yes; I’d say it was a success. I even ran into an old high school friend whom I haven’t seen in about fifteen years, and it was terrific to see him.

I am completely wiped. I was tired going into the last few days, but now I’m utterly exhausted.

Also, Yule gift exchange party thing yesterday afternoon. Liam was awesome. Had a lovely relaxing chat and drank tea from real china cups with saucers and ate delicious cheese.

More later when I have time and a functioning brain.