Daily Archives: December 21, 2006

Life Is Good

We had a lovely day yesterday — a lunch out with the PrestonLeblancs and a bit of fun shopping, then an excellent evening with t! and Jan during which port was consumed, childrens’ books were read aloud, upright basses were played (well no, only one, actually), doors were fixed, and Christmas cookies were eaten. Oh, and there was Samichlaus. It was the kind of day I wish people could have more often: good food, good friends, sharing time and company. Even Liam had an awesome day, as he was in a great mood when he came home.

Today we’ll do some grocery shopping to prepare for the next week of entertaining, stop off at the bookstore (again!) for a couple of spur-of-the-moment gifts, also the pet store (because Liam absolutely must get rabbit treats for his dearest daycare buddy Boo’s stocking) (what, don’t your pets have stockings?), and I will have to stop off at the office supply store because the postman just handed me the secondhand minidisc recorder I bought through eBay, and I now require minidiscs upon which to record band and songwriting stuff!

Carrots Vs. Word Count

I am intimately familiar with the latter scenario:

I’ve just had a great writing week. There are few feelings more joyous than reading back over the week’s work and thinking ‘that’s not bad at all”, as opposed to the all-too-frequent, ‘it’s rubbish, I’ve wasted a week and I’ll have to re-write the lot.’ And if you think that’s an exaggeration or false modesty, you are very, very wrong. It’s perfectly possible to put in eight hour days and have nothing to show for them but a single idea that, if reworked completely, might be passable.

Jo Rowling, quoted at The Leaky Cauldron.

Actually, taking a couple of weeks off is helping me immensely. I need this distance from the amount of writing I’ve done since the beginning of August.