Daily Archives: December 9, 2006

Are We Live?

I’m moderately back. In the end Blade reinstalled Windows, and the only things I have lost are my email and all of my music. I’m more annoyed about the email, because there was a bunch of messages I was keeping for reference and I’ve lost all my addresses.

Ironically, all the stuff I back up regularly — namely my photos, book document files, web work, and so forth, anything except programs really — were unaffected, as they were isolated beyond a partition for exactly this reason. So yay for my cleverness, and the main lesson I have learned here is that in the future I’ll store my music behind a partition as well. I backed up my Firefox bookmarks not long ago, so I’ll have those once I dig them out. Obviously I’ll start backing up my email regularly too; I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. I’ll slowly build up my music again by copying my CDs to the computer when I feel like listening to them as I work. Alas, I have lost half of my Vivaldi playlist, but it’s not as crucial as it was earlier when the majority of Il Maestro (etc) was spilling out of my brain into a file at the rate of five thousand words a day.

Damn. It occurs to me that I lost my fonts as well. Downloading fonts, however, is a lovely way to avoid doing work.

I still have to set up accounts and restore settings, and setting up all my email will take a while too. Thanks for your continued patience.