Daily Archives: December 3, 2006

Let It, Etcetera

Big, fluffy snowflakes. Yes. Bring it on.

Liam and HRH and I put on sweaters and scarves and hats and went out into the backyard when it began this morning. Liam was mildly bewildered for a short while, trying to take the snowflakes out of the air. Then we let him walk around on the frozen grass, and he got it. And he got it in spades when he and I went for a forty-five-minute walk afterwards and came home covered in snow, with red noses and fingers (because of course the concept of leaving mittens on is foreign to him) and the wheels of the stroller jammed with packed snow from driving through two inches of the accumulated stuff.

New words today: “snow” and “cold”, naturally. He repeated the former often while plastered against the front windows, watching the fluffy flakes fall.

Tomorrow: The new snowsuit and winter boots. We’ll see how exciting winter is then.