“And I Know This Because I’m A Geek”

I must link this YouTube video if only for my own future entertainment.

Rob Paravonian’s Pachelbel Rant at Penn State

I feel the same damn way about the piece in question. It’s a pity, because the gigue that follows the canon (or supposed to follow the canon, expect people think that this is an isolated piece of music), is lovely.

“My theory was, he once dated a cellist, and she dissed him really bad….”

(Thanks, t!.)

9 thoughts on ““And I Know This Because I’m A Geek”

  1. Paze

    Holy sh-t! That is just brilliant! I mean, it’s funny as hell, but also fascinating. I like the canon (though it’s been overplayed and commercialized), but I agree with you that the gigue is wonderful. Actually, the gigue is one of the first really challenging pieces I ever learned on the recorder, because it has so many tricky note/finger leaps, so I have a special fondness for it. (Could I play it now, rusty as I am? Probably not, and I’m afraid to try.)

  2. Ebren

    Well, it made me snort coconut cake all over my keyboard. Thanks for that . . . . . ! *grin*

    Loved it though, which is why I shall be sending the link to loads of musical friends in the next 3 mintutes. :)

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    We should write a song that’s a cappella, where the bassline is me saying “This is all I do, this is all I do”, and your solo is “This is the sax solo, this is the sax solo”. Jan can say something like “Strum pattern, chord change”, and Phnee can say some insane sort of combination of things that may or may not include her saluation to Lars… and I have no idea what Karine could do; something like “Clear diction, breathe here, clear diction, breathe here”?

    I really need to go make some tea. I’m more tired than I thought.

  4. Talyesin

    That video was utterly brilliant. My cousin thought I was either taking drugs or having some kind of seizure (most of the family have never heard my extremely high-pitching wheezing-I-can’t-breathe laugh. Gee I wonder why.).

    Punk music is really just baroque.


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