Daily Archives: December 10, 2008

Orchestrated Update

New words today: 1,932
Total word count, Orchestrated: 54,058

If I’d known how close I was to 2K for the day I’d have written another seventy words.

And right before the two days to myself that I’d scheduled for writing, I’ve been handed another freelance assignment. At least this one is short and should hopefully be done in a day. I’d be more upset if I hadn’t worked on Orchestrated today while the boy watched Wall*E for the fourth time in two days.

Knitting Report

I cannot control the vagaries of my blog template messing with the appearance of the comment box (aptly dubbed ‘Schroedinger’s comment box’ by the lovely and gifted Asherah!) or the placement of said comment box if it does show up, but I can control my knitting!

So yes, I have what is shaping up to be a lovely loosely knit scarf, and roughly a third of my skein left. I suspect I will be making a run to Ariadne to pick up another skein because I want this scarf to go ’round my neck twice. Although I’ll knit to the end of this one and then decide. If it will do as-is (i.e. crosses over in the front even if only barely to cover my neck), then it will do. I can always knit another one after Christmas and graft them in the middle if I want to.

I also have two more projects lined up, both requests! Bodhifox needs a hat, and HRH needs a scarf, both of which require me to purl. But after mastering yarn overs while test-running the faggot lace pattern I suspect purling will now be so much easier, as I’ve got the bring-the-yarn-to-the-front thing down pat now.

The boy went down for his nap half an hour ago. I should pull out the laptop and try to get a page or so of Orchestrated done. I’m just so tired, though. Being even a little sick does that to me (thanks, fibro). And then there is Terry’s arrangement of Carol of the Bells for four cellos that Guanaco sent me this morning (thanks, guys!) that I’m itching to mess with.

Fun! Games!

Join Autumn and her Gentle Readers as they play the “Will the comment box show up for me this time?” game!

Yes, it’s the tricky sometimes-there-sometimes-not comment box. I have no idea what’s causing it. There’s no commonality among people having the issues: it’s not one browser type, or a Mac vs PC issue, or whether you had coffee or tea with your toast this morning.

A simple thing to try: When you’ve clicked on either “X responses” or “Leave comment” make sure you scroll down all the way to the bottom where the comment box lurks. A few people have missed that. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the page, or typing in the URL anew. Clearing the cache may work as well.

If you can comment, please do, even if it’s just a “Works for me” or “Tried before, didn’t work, now it does” sort of thing, so we all have some sort of idea how this is shaping up. And have fun. Because really, that’s all we can do at this point.

ETA: We know about the ‘comment box overlapping the comments in a long comment thread’ issue, too. Odd, isn’t it.


My feeds are being picked up again by the RSS readers that recognised them before the new theme! Woo-hoo!

Sometimes all you need to do is wave sharp pointy and heavy blunt things at the computer and threaten certain doom sleep on it. :)

Of course, clicking on the ‘subscribe to feed’ link still takes you to a page of error messages, but hey. One thing at a time.

At this rate, I may have enough courage to try updating the entire installation again before the end of December. Assuming I can face the potential of Losing Everything Yet Again.

Also? Snow! Lots of it! With a bonus round of freezing rain in the middle! Winter is very definitely present, judging by the size of the ploughed snowbanks at the end of the driveway.

And… I have half a scarf. Go me!

ETA: I’ve just had a report that a reader can’t comment because the comment box doesn’t show up at all, in either Firefox or IE. Anyone else having a problem? If you don’t have one of my private addresses scribble a quick note to owldaughter AT gmail DOT com. (I can’t fix this one, or take the blame; this is a prepackaged theme that I have not messed with in any way, shape, or form. It’s also not the theme I wanted, though, so it’s not my Theme of Choice or set in stone.)

More new stuff: ‘Catastrophic’ low voter turnout for the provincial election this past Monday (no, really? what with election fatigue, a general hatred of government after the federal fiasco, and minus forty-after-windchill temperatures?), and apparently we had 17 centimetres of snow last night on top of the however many we got during the day.