Daily Archives: December 15, 2008

Worthy Announcement

HRH fixed the robot baker! The post the the paddle sits on, which is supposed to turn, had seized. Saying that he couldn’t break it any more than it was already broken, he took a pair of pliers to the thing and wrestled with it. Ten minutes later I had a fully operational bread machine again. Huzzah!

A For-No-Reason Photo

So the boy is precisely 100 centimetres tall. Which translates to a metre.


So if the boy is metre tall, you can figure out how big the cat attacking his foot is.

I’m working on the boy’s monthly post as a break from work. It should be up later this afternoon.

ETA @ 14h00: It’s up! Click here. Normally I’d tell you to scroll down but the stupid footer is overlapping it.