Daily Archives: December 27, 2008

Weather: 1, Annual Holiday Thing: 0

Yeah. Thanks to the freezing rain, it looks like the get-together we’re holding today is pretty much dead in the water. I sent out a “if you bail we won’t hold it against you” note to our invitees and the majority have responded with alacrity, saying they’re staying home and off the roads. As t! said to me earlier today, sometimes the weather is just too big, and you look at it and say, “Okay, you win. I’m staying home.” We live in Canada, after all, where Healthy Respect for the Weather is instilled in us from a very young age. We’d be cancelling if we were scheduled to go somewhere, too.

As it is we’re already where the get-together is happening, and so if any of you who were scheduled to be here are still planning on coming over, please do!