Daily Archives: December 6, 2008

“You must never go down to the end of the town, if you don’t go down with me.”

I skipped into the living room to tell HRH that the luthier had a new 7/8 for me to try.

“When would you go?” he asked.

“I’m thinking this Friday afternoon,” I said. “Next week’s lesson is Friday night and I won’t be racing off anywhere once it’s done, so I can ask my teacher what she thinks of it and we’ll have the time to discuss it. If I go then, I can meet you at work afterwards and we can both head over to your parents’ place to pick up the boy.”

Mama,” said the boy, suddenly standing in front of me. He raised a finger and shook it at me, looking very serious. “You should never, never, never, ever go shopping… without… a boy.”

We looked at him, mouths open. He nodded again, certain of himself. “Yes. You should never go shopping without a boy.”

HRH and I melted from the cuteness, and we finally broke out of the stasis to laugh and laugh. I grabbed the boy and hugged him hard. Then I went and hunted up “Disobedience” by A.A. Milne to read to him for the first time.

Cello Squee!

Guess where I’m going next Friday afternoon? Yes indeed, to the luthier in order to try out a new 7/8 cello!

It’s nice to be excited about new celloness again instead of mopey about how the whole Mystery Cello thing turned out. But that’s still not off the list entirely, it’s just delayed for a few years. (A few meaning something like a decade or so. Maybe I’ll look forward to it as a fiftieth birthday present to myself.)

My cello fund has been nibbled at by bill- and gas- and grocery-mice, but I can put a down payment of three-quarters on this cello if it’s the right one (and if they let me instead of buying it outright), and chances are very likely that by the end of the year I’ll have the remaining money necessary to pay it off in entirety. If not by then, certainly by the end of January. Then I can turn to selling my current cello and recoup hopefully at least half of the cost of the new one, if not more.

I’m not looking at buying a cello for the sake of buying a cello. I’m waiting for the right one. I’ve turned down two, after all (and had one bought out from under me, but let’s not go there). It just feels good to be doing something about it again.

And maybe this time I’ll remember to buy rosin while I’m there, damn it.


Gentle readers, at 22h42 last night I sewed up my first armwarmer.

I cannot start on the second because I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH YARN.


Well, theoretically I could start but I’d run out of yarn very quickly. So I am soothing myself by knitting up Mousme‘s hat.

The armwarmer? Lovely. Ripped out the sixish rows I’d done in HRH’s office earlier this week and tried the DPN thing, did sixish rows of that and decided it would drive me bonkers in another half an hour. Ripped it all out, cast fifty stitches on straight needles and knit it widthwise instead of lengthwise. Knit it up in the space of threeish hours yesterday. I am brilliant. And I even worked out a bind off most/knit a few more rows thing at the elbow end so it would all fit sleekly instead of being looser in the middle. And it is warm! I seem to have done a single unintentional yarn over along the way so there is a coy little hole on the underside, but I love it with much love and it is mine. Ceri and I have a little yarn shop recon mission planned for tomorrow, so I will show her Tricot Quartier and, erm, pick up a second skein of the Mission Falls merino, since I will have money again. I am also tempted to pick up Really Big Needles and two more skeins and knit myself a fluffy loose scarf in the same colour.