Oh, Sure, *Now* Be All Thoughtful And Not-Aggressive

Dear government of Quebec:

After months of politely reminding me to send you the cheque, the least you could do is cash the damn payment for my taxes already. You’ve had it for a month.

No love,


PS: If there was such a thing as interest to collect any more, leaving the money in my bank account to create sweet compound cash love would be swell, but there isn’t, so just take it out so that I stop worrying about if the right amount is still there.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Sure, *Now* Be All Thoughtful And Not-Aggressive

  1. Scarlet

    Oh yeah… I hate that. I send them a money order ijstead because I can’t handle the stress of not knowing whatis actually IN my account.

  2. Silly Imp

    Follow up with them if they don’t cash it by the middle or end of next week. The provinical government kept losing my cheques… and then charging me interest becuase I hadn’t paid. I now pay all my income tax and GST installments at the bank. That way the cheque can’t get ‘lost in the mail.’


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