Daily Archives: August 18, 2006

Friday Night

I love my boy, who has been going to bed awake after his night-time milk with a book and his bunny, and reading said book to said bunny till he falls asleep. It’s adorable to hear him.

His appetite’s diminished this past week. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. It happened pretty suddenly, and I suspect it’s teething-associated. He was a voracious little guy, so this new lack of interest in food is a bit disconcerting. I just make sure he has a lot to snack on now and again. Maybe he’s simply too taken up with the whole walking thing. He’s spending fifty percent of his time walking, and the remaining fifty still crawling now. Every day he does a little more.

The heat’s back up, with humidex too, so naturally I’m making soup tonight. Leek and potato, all from the local farm produce we get in weekly baskets. Mmmm. As Scarlet mentioned we’re getting mostly odd lettuces and greeny things, which are okay but tend to not get used as much as the real veggies in these weekly food deliveries. I was hoping for more useful stuff. We just don’t eat enough lettuce-type stuff to make this worthwhile. We’ll see how things shift as the later harvests start kicking in; maybe it will be worth doing again next year.

Okay. I think it’s time for a glass of wine to toast Karine’s birthday in absentia. Our insurance agent ended up calling this afternoon to make an appointment for this evening, and since both HRH and I needed to sign the forms we couldn’t go out to Karine’s birthday pub night. And I have to go chop more leeks, and puree potatoes. (And I thought my pureeing days were over!)

Breaking The Universe

I am fairly certain that I am confusing a goodly portion of the universe by ordering pregnancy books. In fact, more pregnancy books are due to arrive here over the next couple of weeks than I ordered when I was pregnant.

This amuses me.

In other news, when the postman rang the bell to hand me a parcel today, Cricket came a-running, warbling her hopes. “Did the boy cats I ordered arrive? Are those the boy cats? Please give me the boy cats!”

I petted her, told her that no, there were no boy cats, and she wandered sadly off to curl up in the laundry basket again. Every now and again she gives a mournful little mew, the kitten equivalent of a doleful sigh.

I am mildly bewildered as to the order in which these books are arriving, however. I ordered four from the same store, and the one that just got here was the last to be shipped out. In fact, when I placed the order it was out of stock, and I was warned that it take three to four weeks to be sent to me. And it’s here first. The books that were in stock that shipped the day before this one are nowhere to be seen yet; they probably won’t arrive till Monday. Everything ships from the same warehouse; everything is coming by the same method. I do not understand our postal system in the least.

Ah, well, I now have one of the books I needed for research, and I’m about a hundred words away from the daily quota, so I think I’ll heat up the chicken wings that are in the fridge and settle down with a highlighter and some sticky notes.