Daily Archives: August 31, 2006

Little Miracles

Liam slept in until 7:30 this morning. That may not sound like sleeping in to a lot of you, but when the teeth have made 5:30 the rule for almost two weeks now, let me tell you, those extra two hours qualify as “sleeping in” at our house. He did wake up around 5:40, but talked himself back to sleep within minutes; nothing like the previous great gulping “I’m aloooone and in paaaai-aaaai-aaiiiin” teary jags he’d go on as soon as he woke up. He’s been cheerful all morning, downed two cups of milk, ate a heaping bowl of Rice Krispies, kissed several cats gently, and asked to nap when we got home from buying milk.

The lower left molar is almost there! I didn’t think it was possible for the skin to get thinner without actually breaking. We’re so close!

All over the house, I’m making little piles of stuff that need to be packed tonight. I’m so looking forward to this trip. I miss my parents, and I’ll finally be meeting my new little second cousin Saya who is now six months old. And I’m dying to show Liam off, with his mad walking skillz and conversational prowess (as long as you’re talking about cars, or cats, or milk, or fish, or books…).