Daily Archives: August 8, 2006

New Desk!

HRH picked up my new desk from Kino Kid last night. It’s new to me but previously used and loved by her, being the writing desk she had in storage. It has a lovely pine board surface, chunky slightly curved legs, and an antique stain… I love it. For almost eight years now I’ve been using the Ikea clear-varnished pine desk I found in the As-Is and while it’s perfectly serviceable, Kino Kid was looking to find new homes for some furniture and I’d been wishing I could have something less functional and more aesthetically pleasing. So we helped each other out.

My office looks huge. My desk looks tiny and neat and focused. I need a narrower low shelf unit to house my printer and provide a bit more storage, but other than that I’m very happy. A smaller desk means less clutter, and a happier me.

It occurs to me, however, that the cats aren’t going to be so happy now that there’s less room in which to writhe as they attempt to distract me from working. In fact, there’s not a lot of cat-friendly room once the keyboard is put in place. This is not necessarily a bad thing…


One of the perqs (no pun intended — oh, all right, yes it is) about having Karine working in the basement office is that she brews the most delicious-smelling decaf coffee that leaps out and clings to one’s soul when one goes down to switch the laundry, saying, Drink me! Drink me! .

And she shares it.