Daily Archives: August 2, 2006


Happy Lughnassadh, everyone! Yes, it took me a while to understand why I’d had an odd desire to bake bread over the past week, what with the ridiculous heat and humidity, but when I finally clued in yesterday I cheerfully whipped up a batch of my herb bread. Every single herb in it came out of the back garden. Rosemary, lemon thyme, oregano, onions — everything. And I made it with whole wheat flour, because it’s what I had. I’ve never used entirely whole wheat flour for it before; in the past I’ve blended one-third whole wheat to two-thirds white, but the recipe creates a heavyish bread to begin with so I wasn’t drawn to replacing more. The whole wheat flour made it even heavier, and added a nice nutty flavour. It’s definitely something I’ll need to be in the mood for, though.

I got my contracts in the mail today, both for ESTC and the series editorship. So hurrah, it’s poring over dense prose tonight with a pair of glasses and a pencil to make sure all’s in order before I sign them and ship them back.

We had a tremendously violent storm last night, which was exciting once we’d unplugged everything and HRH had done his weather-thingy to stop the funnel cloud from fully forming a few blocks away. (Yeah, not so fun, looking off your back porch to see the clouds circling like that, and feeling the downdraft begin. Good thing I live with a weather god.) Our upstairs neighbours brought down ice cream and cream soda and frozen raspberries for floats, and after everyone had provided HRH with the energy necessary to fight the bad things off without totally killing himself, we all sat in the kitchen to drink them by candlelight while we listened to the storm play out. Lots of mess and damage around the island, we noticed this morning. Some parts of our borough still don’t have power.

This morning Scarlet and I took a short trip out to an art supply store in the East End we’d never visited before, and I finally came home with candlemaking supplies. It’s good, because I’ve been dying to pour new candles to use while I write this book; it’s important, for some reason. I have vegetable wax, since they didn’t have beeswax beads and I didn’t feel like hacking at a beeswax block. I’ve never worked with it before, but I’m looking forward to trying something new.

Okay. I’ve done work-related research and correspondence, and some adjusting of my TOC, and a brief look through the contracts. Time to get going on the MS itself.