Breaking The Universe

I am fairly certain that I am confusing a goodly portion of the universe by ordering pregnancy books. In fact, more pregnancy books are due to arrive here over the next couple of weeks than I ordered when I was pregnant.

This amuses me.

In other news, when the postman rang the bell to hand me a parcel today, Cricket came a-running, warbling her hopes. “Did the boy cats I ordered arrive? Are those the boy cats? Please give me the boy cats!”

I petted her, told her that no, there were no boy cats, and she wandered sadly off to curl up in the laundry basket again. Every now and again she gives a mournful little mew, the kitten equivalent of a doleful sigh.

I am mildly bewildered as to the order in which these books are arriving, however. I ordered four from the same store, and the one that just got here was the last to be shipped out. In fact, when I placed the order it was out of stock, and I was warned that it take three to four weeks to be sent to me. And it’s here first. The books that were in stock that shipped the day before this one are nowhere to be seen yet; they probably won’t arrive till Monday. Everything ships from the same warehouse; everything is coming by the same method. I do not understand our postal system in the least.

Ah, well, I now have one of the books I needed for research, and I’m about a hundred words away from the daily quota, so I think I’ll heat up the chicken wings that are in the fridge and settle down with a highlighter and some sticky notes.

2 thoughts on “Breaking The Universe

  1. Jacquie.

    I know what you mean about ordering pregnancy books when you’re not pregnant – it really sends people for a loop. Of course, I’m a doula, so I order pregnancy books frequently! I just found your website having read your latest book which I just loved. I’ll try and post a review on Amazon this weekend if I can make the time (I have a seven month old so time is hard to find). Are the pregnancy books for your new project? Take care and good luck! — Jacquie.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I empathise with the seven month old and the lack of time issue; they’re wonderful creatures but wow, some of the things on my to-do list have been carried over for about four months running because the day is so full that before you know it, you’re in bed at night and you haven’t even come close to doing some of the things you wanted to do.

    And, why yes, the pregnancy books are for my new project. In which doulas are mentioned, even. ;)


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