Daily Archives: August 28, 2006

A is for Adler and Ashcroft-Nowicki, B is for Budapest and Bonewits, C is for Cunningham and Crowley…

I just spent half an hour rearranging my Craft books alphabetically by author, because I couldn’t find something that I needed to reference. Argh.

I kept the herbalism books and the cultural/mythological stuff separate, though, because with those it’s just easier to zero in on the subject and then look for what I need within it.

And I just realised that I have about twenty books piled next to my desk, because I’ve been using them as research for ESTC. I’ll have to try to fit them back onto the main shelves eventually. No wonder there was enough room for everything. I should have known it was all too easy.

The Weekend Recap, In Which She Grouses About Sleep and Illness

I spent the weekend thoroughly ill. I’m fortunate that HRH was home and dealt with Liam much of the time. He enabled me to finally get the nap I’d been trying to have all week on Saturday, which was a good thing because I’d only had about three hours of bad sleep on Friday night due to a stuffed-up nose. No one called, rang the doorbell, or walked in and woke me up after ten minutes of napping. It only lasted an hour, but it felt so damn good after being denied it for five days running. Mind you, I spent a lot of Saturday in bed not sleeping as well, because I was so sick that I got dizzy when I stood up.

A decent night’s sleep on Saturday, then over to my in-laws’ for a barbecue celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday. Early-ish to bed, because the cold was still knocking me out. Then, of course, I woke up at three this morning when Liam cried for four minutes. He went back to sleep on his own, but I lay awake till about five-thirty. Woke up half an hour later when the steam from HRH’s shower set off the heat detector, wretched thing.

So now my sleep patterns are all out of whack, and I’m still recovering from the cold, and I have no energy to direct anywhere. Gnash.

Liam’s still working on those bottom molars and had sniffles over the weekend too. He alternately wanted absolutely to be carried around, and left totally alone to go through books. Some of his naps happened, some didn’t, and if they did they were short. I’m hoping this week settles down more, particularly since we leave Friday morning to go to Oakville for the long weekend.

All right. I’m going to go make myself a cup of tea, now that I’ve caught up on correspondence and news, and then get to work.