Daily Archives: May 26, 2004

The Daily Book Update

Today’s word count: 2,456
Total word count: 30,382

After a rocky and unproductive early afternoon, I made scones, did some yoga, and proceeded to whack out words. Yeah, baby. Thank goodness Ceri was here, otherwise I’d’ve given up somewhere around two and probably gone back to bed.



I just had to turn down advance premiere tickets for Harry Potter! I already have tickets for opening night on June 4th with good friends, and that was my first obstacle; then it was suggested to me that another double pass could be obtained so that all four of us could go to the 10.30 AM advance screening. I was on the verge of saying yes when I remembered that HRH IS WORKING ON SATURDAY.


Damn planting season! Damn this lousy weather! Damn, damn, damn!

Speaking of Prisoner of Azkaban, I picked up the soundtrack yesterday (because The Den of Evil didn’t have the Hellboy soundtrack) and when t! paid a surprise visit last night we opened it and listened to it. It�s the best soundtrack of all three films. Lots of nice medieval consort settings of the themes, some nice manipulation and key changes of themes we already know, and a surprise appearance by the Cantina Band from Star Wars. Definitely top-notch John Williams work.