Daily Archives: May 19, 2004

Wednesday Book Update

Today’s word count: 2,904
Total word count: 22,583

That brings the manuscript to two-sevenths complete. Woo-hoo! And today’s words also bring me to two-fifths of my weekly 10K goal. Another 4K gets me there, as well as to 26K of manuscript, which is one-third of the contracted total.

And in other news, my contracts were returned to sender yet again. This is amusing, and yet not amusing. I’m becoming used to the idea that I’m not going to see this advance for a while. Good thing I didn’t wait until the contract had been signed to begin writing. That would have been a pretty pickle of mackerel.

It Should Have Been Better Than It Was: A Van Helsing Review

You know, I’d really been looking forward to this film, mostly for the shlock factor. I walked out of the theatre completely neutral towards it. Story threads were clumsily handled; I never reached a point where I sympathised with any of the characters, heroic or villainous; and the pacing seemed off somehow. I didn’t care about anyone during the final fight scene, but then, CG beating the tar out of CG usually doesn’t grab me.

Two hours of Kate Beckinsale’s costumes, and Hugh Jackman in a long coat and hat with flowing hair did a lot to offset my lack of involvement, though. Mmm.

I’ve heard a friend described the film as everyone being in a campy B movie except for Hugh Jackman who was in an action flick, but I disagree. Van Helsing seemed bemused by pretty much everything, and relied on his skills as a mercenary for the Church to get him through every situation. He was as one-dimensional as Dracula was, sticking to what he knew without exploring any alternatives.

It wasn’t as good as Sommer’s The Mummy Returns, and that’s what I was really hoping for. The banter just wasn’t there, nor were the charming characters. The awkward set-up for further exploration of the story was just that – an awkward set-up, as opposed to a mystery. And where the heck do they go from here? They’re already eliminated Hyde, Dracula, Dr Frankenstein, and the Wolfman. Van Helsing versus Lestat, now there’s an interesting pairing. Especially Lestat after all his theological evolution. It will never happen, of course.

Overall, it was a diversion on a rainy Tuesday, but I’ve forgotten most of it already. With Van Helsing out of the way, though, I can focus on getting excited about Troy.