I just had to turn down advance premiere tickets for Harry Potter! I already have tickets for opening night on June 4th with good friends, and that was my first obstacle; then it was suggested to me that another double pass could be obtained so that all four of us could go to the 10.30 AM advance screening. I was on the verge of saying yes when I remembered that HRH IS WORKING ON SATURDAY.


Damn planting season! Damn this lousy weather! Damn, damn, damn!

Speaking of Prisoner of Azkaban, I picked up the soundtrack yesterday (because The Den of Evil didn’t have the Hellboy soundtrack) and when t! paid a surprise visit last night we opened it and listened to it. It�s the best soundtrack of all three films. Lots of nice medieval consort settings of the themes, some nice manipulation and key changes of themes we already know, and a surprise appearance by the Cantina Band from Star Wars. Definitely top-notch John Williams work.

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