Daily Archives: May 4, 2004


I woke up with every intention of having a wonderful day, and bit by bit it trickled away from me. My cold got worse, I had to deal with a frustrating phone call which involved an elderly gentleman assuming I had taken over a project I’d never been asked to handle, and I only got 1K done on the book when I thought I’d done at least 2K. That last was really the kicker. There are times when I think that what I know wouldn’t fill up even 30K of this book, which is inversely proportional to how I feel when I’m teaching this subject in a live workshop.

I also missed last night’s improv workshop t! whipped up for actor friends because my voice kept cutting out and I couldn’t stop coughing, which annoyed me because I don’t get the chance to do theatre any more. HRH persuaded me to go out for a nice long walk after dinner and took me to the Dairy Queen for ice cream, which was just fine by me. We bought more cold medication on the way home too.

Last night’s dreams were an odd blend of orchestra rehearsing in church basements (courtesy of theatre-associated thoughts, most likely); large sedate toy/department stores which sold beautiful aquariums near large displays of Harry Potter books; Virginia Woolf memorabilia which transported me to being VW as a child when I held it or put it on; fish chained in the aquariums so they couldn’t get out; grocery shopping during the break at orchestra, and not being able to get back in time because I was driving in the sun on the West Island and the car clock was wrong. My dreams have been quite vivid lately. What they mean is anyone’s guess. What on earth do second violins trying to sit with the cellos have to do with VW, or me showing my dad the chained fish crawling out of the aquariums?

Well, well; the radio news is reporting that according to StatsCan, if you make it to your fifth year of marriage, you’re more likely to stick it out in the long run. I take it that the statistics indicate most contemporary marriages dissolve in the first four years. Evidently HRH and I have about four months to save ourselves from a lifetime of loving companionship and intelligent conversation.

Now that our bills are paid and we have groceries, I intend to pick up the new Diana Krall album on my way into the store today. I am determined to be in a good mood, or at least in a better mood than yesterday. I think I’ll pick up the VW biography I put down a few months ago too.